2.1.1. APM-100

APM-100–Single TI 600 MHz, multi-core K2G DSP-based Audio Processing Module for 16-20-channel object audio applications

  • Integrated A15 ARM
  • Exports MDS-proprietary “avcUi” Linux interface to TI Performance Audio Framework
  • Boots in about 4 seconds
  • Doesn’t have to reload DSPs to switch decoders
  • Decodes Dolby Atmos® to 16-20 channels
  • Decodes DTS:X® up to 12 channels (7.1.4).  DTS:X Pro coming soon!
  • Auro-3D Codec® – optional
  • Dirac Live® Room EQ  – optional
  • DSD, AAC supported
  • Bass Management and PEQ for up to 16-20 channels
Click here to download datasheet

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