Since 1987 Momentum Data Systems has been delivering cutting edge DSP tools, Hardware, Software, and Systems for a wide range of audio, video, and signal processing applications.

Featured products for OEMs:

DAE 6 OEM audio decoder board DAE-6D High Performance AV Receiver / Surround Sound Module with latest HD audio formats HDMI OEM boards Full line of HDMI repeater/switcher modules with deep color and 3D (HDMI 1.4a) support Exact Crop HDMI Matrix switches up to 16 x 32

MDS hardware products feature DSP and media-processing devices from:

  • Texas Instruments'   C674x/DA810, and OMAP/DA830 for audio DSP and AV Receiver applications.
  • Analog Devices' HDMI interfaces (ADV7xxx) for video switching and audio extraction
  • Summit Wireless WiSA compliant high performance multichannel wireless audio; available as an option for use with all MDS products

Momentum Data Systems' staff of engineers represent over 150 years of accumulated DSP and media processing experience. Our knowledge of DSP/Audio/Video software, hardware, and systems has helped many MDS customers develop complex real-time systems in a fraction of the time and expense had they tried to do it all themselves.

MDS offers development systems, standard OEM products, and custom hardware and software engineering services. MDS products are used in consumer electronics, medical, industrial, and scientific applications.

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